Holy hell it's Eddy Lytenyng!!! Man I'm an insane fan of that guy! One of my most fav characters! Jeez, never thought I'd see him again! - How'd he escape the death? Does he have his own quantum engine transporter thingy? How'd he get the Glittar back? Why's he wearing a viking helmet? Does he still dig Dexy? Why no journal/descrpition/youtube post underneath? Is TEO experiencing technical difficulties? Will any of theses questions be answered? In time...maybe.
Kate | 03.01.2008, 03:24

Kate, goto the TEO drunkduck page... - www.drunkduck.com/try_everything_once - all is explained there
pat | 03.01.2008, 16:54

Thanks Pat! Well there's one answer to my riducule bundle of questions!
Kate | 03.01.2008, 20:05

wow, nice surprise. forgot to check for updates 'til now. definitely want to see what happens next. maybe it was the SCAD turtles at work here.
tempesta | 04.01.2008, 16:22

Hah! I totally already knew this was happening. - - Wicked.
Cosmic Aussie | 07.01.2008, 01:10

XD - EPIC! - totally epictastic
The BlankO2 | 16.01.2008, 14:31

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